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MATLAB (good to know)

MATLAB 2014b has a new graphics engine that is an improvement compared to older MATLAB versions. However, legacy versions of MMM and DeerAnalysis do not run under MATLAB 2014b or newer. We recommend to either use MMM 2013.2 and DeerAnalysis2013 with older MATLAB versions or MMM 2017.1 and DeerAnalysis 2016 with MATLAB 2014b or newer.

5-pulse DEER artefact removal tool

Matlab scripts and example data (ZIP, 12.8 MB) as well as Bruker PulseSPEL files (ZIP, 3 KB) for measuring and processing 5-pulse DEER data in a way that gets rid of the 4-pulse artefact. Password-protected until the papers have been accepted.


Spin dynamics analysis (SPIDYAN) is an open-source program for simulation of spin dynamics phenomena and pulse EPR experiments with MATLAB. Features include propagation in Hilbert and Liouville spaces (for relaxation effects), simulation in different rotating frames, resonator effects, bandwidth compensation for pulses and phase cycling.

The new version now supports arbitrary spin systems and uses an interaction table for constructing Hamiltonians. The program now also natively supports hyperbolic secant (HS) and WURST pulses.

Several performance upgrades were implemented, as well as bugs from version 1 eliminated.

The examples from the documentation are provided together with the program code.

The current version was tested on MATLAB 2014a and may not work with previous versions.

DEER Analysis 2016

A program for extracting distance distributions from dead-time free pulsed electron electron double resonance (DEER, PELDOR) data with MATLAB.

MMM 2017.1

An open-source program for visualization, inspection, generation, and improvement of models of proteins and protein assemblies based on restraints from multiple experimental techniques (patched version 2017/05/30).


Slightly improved version of BlochSolver, which runs only under MATLAB. Full source code provided.

Virtual EPR

A basic CW EPR spectrometer simulation with only one DPPH-like sample.

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