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Diploma Thesis, Master and Bachelor Thesis

You can apply anytime if you'd like to fulfill part of the requirements for your final degree with us. A strong interest in physical chemistry and good performance in that field will help you enjoy your task. Should you consider to do a doctor's degree later in our group as well, then you should have a look at the profiles described below.

Ph.D. students/ Doktoranden

We may not always have open positions, but we are continually
interested in applications of students who fit one of the following

EPR method development

You are a physicist or a chemist with strong interest in physical chemistry and magnetic resonance techniques. Your strengths are in operating complex instruments and in the mathematical description of physical phenomena. You do not shy away from programming in a high-level language. You wish to communicate with the other people in the group who are interested in the methods that you develop.

Biostructure characterization

You are a chemist with a strong interest in physical chemistry, a physicist with a strong interest in biophysics, or a biologist with a strong interest in physical characterization methods. In any case you will be able to handle complex instruments and to work with delicate samples that have been prepared in small quantities and with much effort by our collaboration partners. You want to communicate with scientists who have their background in a different field than your own.

Magnetic resonance theory

You are a chemist with an interest in both theoretical and physical chemistry or a physicist with some affinity to molecules and their structure. You like programming at least as much as working with ready-made programs. You want to learn application of quantum chemistry programs and the theoretical description of spin dynamics by the density operator formalism.

Post-doctoral research

Generally, we do have more applicants for post-doctoral research than we have positions. That said, we shall always consider good applicants. Look at the profiles above and think whether you have special experience that would aid (or complement) such work. You are also welcome if you have an idea for your own project as long as it fits our infrastructure and general direction of research. Please do not apply if your Ph.D. work (or previous Post-Doc) has no connection to our current research.

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